Two best friends. Two states. Two bodies. Two dreams.

Thank you, Kristi!

I checked out the link Kristi posted (this one), and did a bit of asking for myself. 

My goal is to get to 135 lbs. This is a rough guesstimate because I’d much rather be able to run for miles and do the physical stuff I want to do over being a certain weight, but it’s a good starting point for sure! 

This is what I found. You can also use their calculator for your own goals. And you can use this BMI calculator to help guide you, too!

Please keep in mind that these are just guides. There are such things as being larger and physically fit and being skinny and not fit. If you really want to know your exact BMI, get someone who knows how to calculate it, which tends to involve calipers.

The main point is to be healthy, be happy.